Gender Roles

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Live by Your Rules
Gender can de defined as a range of characteristics of feminity and masculinity, but is there really a manacle to what someone can or can’t do? The essays “About Men” by Gretel Ehrlich, “Uniforms” by Paul Fussell, and” Being a Man” by Paul Theroux amalgamate the pre- conceived idea that men and women are obligated to play this delusion of roles each sex should maintain. The media is a big influence in modern society; therefore being different would make the person incongruously alienated from the ones considered normal. Which with being pressured to fit it would cause insecurities among those not seen as perfect and making them go to extremities trying to fit in. It’s time to procrastinate against these rules because one can’t be genetically modified to have certain features, why should the individual live behind luxuries and necessities that the people are pressured in to.

The fixated idea of that men should act like they are indestructible, have no fear, and uncompassionate for others is just others. This short essay depicts the true character of an all American cowboy, and how his true identity is mystified by the iconic individual that the people are known to hearing about. The author states, “[her] hellbent earnestness to romanticize the cowboy [she] ironically disesteemed [their] true character”(Ehrlich 155) and that courage has less to do with facing danger than with acting spontaneously”(Ehrlich 156). It goes in to context of saying that men, especially cowboys are projected to live with this vivacity and that they don’t contain visceral thought because they burgeon with this animal like instinct. From youth they are thought to provide and nurture the cattle and the surroundings therefore it’s difficult for someone else to demystify their perspective on life. This media hype describing cowboys as being America’s heroes and being virile, socially and physically isn’t reality because although they aren’t what the media has portrayed...
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