Topics: Gender, Gender role, Man Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Monassar Ahmed
Victoria Cliett
English 131
Men are violent by nature
In the essay “Men - It’s In Their Nature,” Hoff Sommers states that although the “radical masculinity” should be addressed and civilized, it should not be eliminated because it is something natural and without it men would not be able to protect women and society. She argues that trying to make boys behave like girls does a disservice to boys’ natural talent. As Hoff Sommers claims, it is more of ‍‍‍“men’s nature”‍‍‍ and what society has to do is to civilize and handle the natural masculinity in men. There are strong influences in society, including media, school, and culture that overwhelmingly define aggressive male behavior. While these are undeniable physical properties, even from birth, gender roles are defined for children. Men must abandon notion they are violent by nature I remember my dad telling me about a woman he met this past summer in a small farming community who told him her husband beat her every few weeks. We’re surrounded by violence. Kids will see hundreds of violent deaths on television. Children will see other kids get spanked by their parents and learn that violence and love go hand-to-hand. Children The behavior is influenced by the massagers about gender that kids get from their parents, friends, teachers, and the media. Many parents, teachers, and gender reform have not been successful in rooting out male behavior they regard as harmful. For example, an “equity facilitator” tried to persuade a group of nine-year-old boys in a Baltimore public school to accept the idea of playing with baby dolls. According to one observer, “Their reaction was so hostile; the teacher had trouble keeping order (Sommers 366).” Sommers’ present’ research that asserts that the nature of men is a matter of biology, not conditioning, and schools should stop attempting to change natural gender roles in society. Biology is a factor in some aspects of male and female behavior,...
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