Gender Preferences in Hiring Decisions

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Paper Engels
Gender preferences in hiring decisions is a very current subject. It has been proved that there is an inequity in salaries between men and women, and that men will more often occupy leadership positions than women. But does gender really has an influence in hiring decisions? In this paper one will try to investigate this. The first point will treat the different gender stereotypes. The second point will cover the three main factors that have an influence on hiring decisions and the effect of gender on promotions. The third and final point will handle a new gender subtype: females with masculine characteristics. Gender specific traits

Stereotypes, a psychological process which illustrates structured sets of beliefs about the personal attributes of men and women. Men are physically stronger than women. Women cry more often than men. Men are responsible for the income, women for the house holding. Women are perceived as passive, yielding and supportive, men as independent, persistent and competitive. Men are better in sports than women. Et cetera. Those stereotypes are the base of gender discrimination which has been a phenomenon that has been existing for centuries. Stereotyped jobs already existed in preindustrial societies. During that era it was generally accepted that muscular and intellectual work, such as hunting, was work for men while domestic chores, such as cooking and cleaning, were work for women. Even while in today's society 63 percent of women has a job and the content of jobs in general has evolved, thinking that there are no more gender-dominated fields is wrong! Certain vacancies will still mainly be occupied by women and others by men even if in some cases the opposite sex would be more qualified for that particular job. This is what we call gender-stereotyped jobs. The nursing sector is one of the best examples; statistics show that 92 percent of nurses in America are women. Hiring

The decision of hiring is a very...
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