Gender Identity Disorder

Topics: Transgender, Gender, Gender identity disorder Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: August 13, 2008
Gender/Identity Disorder
Have you ever woke up and felt like you were trapped in the wrong body? What if you appeared, to the rest of the world, as a certain “identity,” while you felt completely different on the inside? You were classified as male or female by your anatomical sex while your gender may be identified as the opposite. This perplex state of mind has been labeled gender maps, by John Money, as “an entity, template, or schema within the mind and brain that codes masculinity and femininity and androgyny.” (Vitale 1997b) Feelings such as these could be characterized as gender identity disorder, which is defined as “the formal diagnosis used by psychologists and physicians to describe persons who experience significant gender dysphoria (discontent with the biological sex they were born with).” (Wikipedia) A distinct cause of GID is still uncertain, but research has determined there may contributing factors such as: biological and environmental theories of causation. (Vitale 1997) Roughly one in 4,000 people in the American population are affected by GID, which has caused these individuals anguish and confusion. As early as two to four years old children can show signs, but will not be diagnosed until the child has been observed for at least six months, showing certain characteristics of GID. While normal curiosity of a child would seem to be the prognosis, it could be very bewildering for a parent to realize that their child is demonstrating behavior associated with a disorder, which may trigger social bigotry. Although, these symptoms may dissipate on their own or with proper treatment, this disorder may carry on into a child’s adult life. Often leaving them perplexed, searching for their true identity, and wondering how and when to portray their real self to the world. What causes Gender identity Disorder?

Though the concept of GID has been around for several decades now, the exact cause is yet fully unknown.

Scientist and...
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