Gender Gap

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Gender gap in higher education in university of California and university of Alaska INTRODUCTION
Gender gap is social phenomenon that exists in all communities. In general the gender varies have influences in all filed of the life such as economy, politics, and social problems and special influence of gap's gender are based on higher education (Jacobs,1996).gender gap in higher education is about proration of attending male and female in postsecondary educational. The proportion of entering female students to university are growing and their proportion constitute of 51% around the world wide (Fletcher,2011,p. 250).Gender gap exists in two different universities at United State such as university of Alaska in Alaska's state and university of California in California's state. Clearly there are many difference and similarities between Alaska's university and California's university in enrollment and graduation at higher education, the best track to explain similarities and differences in enrollment and graduation are compared and contrasts them in California's university and Alaska's University.

Enrollment in Alaska's and California's university
Gender gap in higher education existed in public university of California(UC).There are disparities among ratio of enrolling male and female in UC. In general at the first the enrollment ratios of students to UC were low, but a gap was existed and favoring by male (California Postsecondary Education Commission, June 2006). Display 1: Undergraduate Enrollment at CSU and UC by Gender, 1976_2004

According to table 1 proportions of enrolling students in UC was grown slightly, but the great proportions was being by female in all ethnic groups for instance, in 1976 to 1981 the numbers of enrolling attending males almost under 100000 and female were over 50000. At 1981the parity was achieved by male and female to enrollment in UC, the enrollment proportion of female increased clearly since ever. By 2004 the rates of...
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