Gender and Family

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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Gender and Family
Sonya Mitchell
October 02, 2011
Maggie Simar
Gender and Family

Gender affects delinquency because male and female juveniles are committing crimes growing in the inner cities where crime rate is high. Experts show females as taking on masculine characteristics and becoming involved in gang and gang violence similar to males (Wadsworth, 2005, p. 136). Males are arrested for crimes such as larceny and aggravated assault, and females are participating in similar crimes, which are quickly increasing their crime rate. When seeking reasons for gender delinquency, there are some explanations that described gender differences and how it relates to delinquency which is the trait view, the socialization view, the liberal feminist view, and the critical feminist view (Wadsworth, 2005, p. 137). The trait view is discovered in man and female has an effect on delinquency, which is a physical and characteristic trait. Delinquent females shows masculine characteristics such as having the desire of becoming a male such as hiding their breast, dressing as males, and becoming aggressive similar to males. Females achieve this trait from males because they seem be closer to males than they are closer to females. Delinquent males suffer from delinquency because of the characteristics the male is betraying to be beside himself. Males who commit crimes are showing that they are more aggressive and have no emotion about the crime that has been committed. Males do not want to be considered as scary or not cool because they did not participate in the crime, so to fit in with other delinquents the male prove he is capable of committing a crime by starting off with small crimes. The socialization view plays a part in delinquent behavior because children are raised in troubled homes and male cultured homes. Females suffer more in the socialization view more than males because females suffered when they lived in homes where there was...
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