Geek Squad Marketing Case Study

Topics: Geek Squad, Technical support, Best Buy Pages: 8 (3036 words) Published: July 31, 2012
Geek Squad is a subsidiary of best buy company that provides technical supports services to residential and business around the world. They are the first company who provides national 24-hour technical supports service via remote access on Internet. Their unique business style and market strategy keep the business growing rapidly. By the SWOT analysis, it seems Geek Squad is in a very good business shape, they should keep it up with more improvement on their service quality and try to expend the company at the same time. By the analysis of Canadian market segmentations, Geek Squad should focus marketing on their two primary target Baby Boomers and the Generation X. At the same time they will need to keep an eye on their secondary target markets which can provide them a lot of business opportunities. They will eventually be more successful in the Canadian market.

Geek Squad is a US-based company that provides various technical supports for customers with computer or any other electronic technology problems. The company has over 10,000 employees working out of 50 Geek Squad locations and in 700 plus Best Buy Stores across the US and Canada. In 1994, Robert Stephens founded Geek Squad with only $200 and a bicycle in Minneapolis. Geek Squad was a small company with very limited fund at that time, but thanks to Stephens’ idea, the company developed their own unique culture. Geek Squad’s employees are called “Geek Squad Agents”; they are readily identifiable by “Special Agent” badges, black pants, white shirts, break-away ties and drive a “GeekMobiles” which is a black-and-white VW Beetles that looks like a police car. Their unique and stylish business model has turned out to be very successful. In less than three years, with only 14 employees, Geek Squad’s annual revenues approached $500,000, and their clients include 3M and Cargill. In 2000, Geek Squad started their two-year trial run with Best Buy, they seed a lot of their Geek Squad “agents” to work at the Best Buy Ridgedale location. At the same year, Geek Squad also expanded their business to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. In October 2002, Best buy officially acquires Geek Squad with its 62 agents and almost $3 million in revenues for an undisclosed sum. Stephens stayed on as founder and chief inspector of the Geek Squad and takes a position of vice president within the Best Buy enterprise. The acquisition gives huge benefit for both Best Buy and Geek Squad. Best Buy knew that digital devices and home networks were growing in complexity and that the technical services market had huge. The acquisition could let Best Buy provide a much better technical supports service for their customer at the same time they will gain a huge profit from it. "Ultimately, this is a great opportunity for Best Buy and Geek Squad customers who will be able to get a premium level of customer service when and where they want it - in the store or in their home," said Sean Skelley, vice president, Strategic Planning and Business Development for Best Buy. For Geek Squad, as a small company, they lacked leverage, and Best Buy will be the great chose for them who have leverage in the industry. The acquisition by Best Buy will definitely help the company to obtain much more customers and make the company grow rapidly. The acquisition by Best Buy turned out to be very successful for Geek Squad. In 2008, Best Buy expands in to China, Mexico and Puerto Rico, and Geek, so at the same time Geek Squad is now worldwide. By the end of year 2010, there are about 24,000 Geek Squad Agents working all around the world and there will be 1000 more expected to be hired this year in the U.K.

External Factors (Please see Appendix A for full details)
An opportunity for Geek Squad is the Canada’s Transition to digital Television. “By August 31, 2011, Canadian local television stations will stop broadcasting over-the-air in analog and will start broadcasting over-the-air in...
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