Geek Love

Topics: Child abuse, The Unborn, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Brendan Garrett
Intro to Lit 2205
Geek Love
A Disturbing Case of Abuse
Child abuse is an awful and unfortunate ongoing occurrence that happens every where in the world and it is something difficult to completely stop. It is hard to stop because it may not be noticeable at first look but if you can look into the situation more you can find out clues that in may be occurring. It is also a touchy subject because accusing a parent or guardian of child abuse is very difficult to do in the event that you are wrong. Although you are looking out for the best interest of the child it is insulting in the event that you are wrong. It is nearly impossible to because the example used in the book Geek Love. In the review by Matthew Giunti in The Christian Century he states that “Al experiments with hallucinogenic drugs and, later, radioisotopes during Lil are various pregnancies.” This is an example of how child abuse is very difficult to control.

The paragraph I chose is on page eight. “I was born three years after my sisters. My father spared no expense in these experiments. My mother had been liberally dosed with cocaine, amphetamines, and arsenic during her ovulation and throughout her pregnancy with me. It was a disappointment when I emerged with such commonplace deformities. My albinism is the regular pink-eyed variety and my hump, though pronounced, is not remarkable in size of shaped as humps go. My situation was far too humdrum to be marketable on the same scale as my brother’s and sisters’. Still, my parents noted that I had a strong voice and decided I might be an appropriate shill and talker for the business. A bald albino hunchback seemed the right enticement toward the esoteric talents of the rest of the family. The dwarfism, which was very apparent by my third birthday, came as a pleasant surprise to the patient pair and increased my value. From the beginning I slept in the built-in cupboard beneath the sink in the family living van,...
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