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Topics: General Electric, Thomas Edison, Jack Welch Pages: 9 (3034 words) Published: July 17, 2011
GE Vision & Mission Statement
In 1890, Thomas Edison established a company named Edison General Electric Company. In 1892, General Electric was formed by merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Company. In 1896, General Electric was one of the original 12 companies listed on the newly-formed Dow Jones Industrial Average. The early company products are lighting, power transmission transportation, and industrial products which their produce today. General Electric started produce aircraft engine in 1917 and now one of the biggest aircraft engine companies in the United States today. Not only aircraft engine, but also General Electric produces lot of different products such as energy, appliances, media, and even finance. However, the former leader of General Electric Jack Welch has strong vision that General Electric should be "Either number 1 or 2 in any business it is in". In 2001, Jeff Immelt became the ninth chairman of General Electric. He brought ecomagination into business and Imagination at work. This project started the same way many research projects do, with a key word search in the infamous website Google. However, after several attempts of looking for the General Electric’s mission and vision statements we discovered it was going to take some work and deep thought because this company has none. Well, none so easily defined. At first, we thought it was unusual that a company of this size would not have a vision and mission statement outlined. Yet, after doing hours of research it gradually became clear. This is a company that does not follow the trend; in fact, one couldn’t call GE a pacesetter either. That would be too restraining. The truth is General Electric about actualizing what no one else can see, realizing products or services that no company thought was possible. GE has a mission, and they certainly have a vision.

As we embarked link after link on the General Electric website, the pieces of the puzzle started to make sense, yet we still couldn’t put them together. Then slowly as if a light bulb went off in our minds we realized that the GE’s vision is to solve the world’s biggest problems through imagination and innovation. They believe they can accomplish this vision by exploring one idea at a time. Diversity in products and services lends itself to support the big picture of solving the world’s problems through unique innovations that start with thinking of the impossible. Now that this core vision, this core philosophy is clear, it takes the complexity out of the picture and reveals the company’s simple yet powerful way of approaching its business.

How does a General Electric achieve this level of success and sustainability? Through a mission that balances defined framework and a healthy imagination. Structure in GE can be found in the three distinct areas of global infrastructure, finance, and media. The infrastructure includes work in energy, health, transportation, and technological infrastructure, while the finance block includes an array of products and services aimed at bettering one’s future. Of course the media includes developing, producing and marketing film, television, and sports events to a global market. One the other side of the scale is the work in Healthymagination and Ecomagination. These areas explore new ideas and innovation in two critical areas: healthcare and the environment. If Vision is regarded like what the company wants to become, it has been defined by GE’s corporate vision like ‘to bring good things to life’ , setting the goal of becoming number one or number two in every market it serves. If Mission is regarded of how it desires to serve individuals and groups, GE has defined different missions for five strong businesses that are included in the three distinct areas of global infrastructure, finance, and media that we mentioned before. In Technology Infrastructure, desires to serve individuals and groups, helping to build the...
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