Gay Students Bulled to Death

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Socorro Ariaz
Luz Tapia
English 102
Gay Students Bullied to Death
Bullying is an intentional aggressive behavior that is often applied to people that have or express a different behavior or preferences that are not consider “normal” or average behavior than most of the people. They may be bullied for different reasons, by the way they dress, how they speak, or even because of the race they are. Physical bullying (punching, or hitting) is one of different types of bullying manifestations. Verbal bullying is another type of common bullying, examples of verbal are name calling or mockery (Antibullyinng Interventions in Schools: Ingredients of Effective Programs). Cyber bullying is where insulting or negative messages are sent via e-mail or text messages, and emotional or social bullying is experienced by exclusion, an example of this is when people from a specific group do not let you be in the same group as them. A specific type of bullying is often seen in schools of the United States, and all around the world, such type of bullying is the one where the victims are all those homosexual students who try nothing but live a normal life and in the process they get caught in the tragedy of bullying. Several gay students who have been bullied at school had come to the conclusion where they think that if you are homosexual, then life is not worth enough to live, and then they commit suicide. This means that they have been bullied to such an extreme point where they can not resist anymore and decide to end their lives. They have been bullied to death. Just imagine, being a teenager is hard enough, there is plenty of pressure for a child. They feel the pressure from school, all the assignments they have to accomplish, the pressure from the parents that wants better grades, all of that counts, and yet, they have to think and ask themselves why their nature is not acceptable in our society. For some students it is difficult to imagine that their life is...
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