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The New York Times The Mysterious Jay Gatsby
He is very well known for his extravagant and luxurious parties. With the massive mansion, the chauffeurs, the amazing food, and the fabulous people who come to theses soirees. But still no one really knows who Gatsby really is. He is a man of many secrets.

Killed A Man
According to several sources Gatsby is a murderer. It has been said that while he was in the war he for no reason at all killed a man out of hatred and depression. Others say he had to kill a man due to being a Russian spy. Another source says that he killed a man for his secret lover who no one seems to know the name of???

Some say it is this woman in the picture to the right. Her name is Daisy Buchanan. She is married to a man named Tom Buchanan. He is one of the most powerful me in East Egg. But that will not interfere with love Gatsby and Daisy share. These two have history. She was just a teenager when they met; he was a lieutenant in the American war. Their relationship had to end due to Gatsby going back to the war. Soon after Daisy met Tom and they got married and had a child. Some say the only reason she married him was only because of his money. Others say it was because she had no other choice. No one really knows. But now that Gatsby is finally in the picture, who knows what will happen. Will Tom and Daisy divorce? Who knows? Read next week’s paper to find out more.
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