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Chapter 6
7. Why does Gatsby admire Dan Cody so much?
Dan Cody is rich. He has millions of dollars. Dan Cody gets all of his money by traveling the continent looking for gold, copper, silver, anything he can sell and make money off of basically. He did all of this on his little yacht. Gatsby wanted all of this. Gatsby wants to be a millionaire, with women all over him, who can get money fast and easy. Gatsby wants to be just like Cody. What better way to do this then to work side by side with him, getting richer everyday with Cody? Cody was like a mentor to Gatsby. Chapter 7

11.Describe how the heat and the weather become a character in chapter 7. Gatsby and Daisy’s reunion begins amid a pouring rain, proving awkward and melancholy; their love reawakens just as the sun begins to come out. Gatsby’s climactic confrontation with Tom occurs on the hottest day of the summer, under the scorching sun (like the fatal encounter between Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet). Wilson kills Gatsby on the first day of autumn, as Gatsby floats in his pool despite a palpable chill in the air—a symbolic attempt to stop time and restore his relationship with Daisy to the way it was five years before, in 1917. Chapter 8

*The gardener wants to drain the pool to keep falling leaves from clogging the drains, but Gatsby insists on swimming in the pool as though it were still summer. So my question is, what is significant about the swimming pool in chapter eight?

Gatsby's gardener interrupts a conversation between Nick and Gatsby to tell Gatsby that he plans to drain the pool. The previous day was the hottest of the summer, but autumn is in the air this morning, and the gardener worries that falling leaves will clog the pool drains. Gatsby tells the gardener to wait a day; he has never used the pool, he says, and wants to go for a swim. I think significance of the pool is that it's the only thing that can cool gatsby off emotionally, and also it represents his last attempt at...
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