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In 1986 the New York Giants had one of the most successful NFL seasons in league history. It all came down to the final game of the season on the world’s biggest stage when they faced off against the Denver Broncos. The Giants and their head coach, Bill Parcells, went on to seal a victory but it’s not the win that was marked by the NFL as the 27th greatest moment in Super Bowl history. Instead it was after the game was over and the celebration started. The New York Giants players grabbed the Gatorade cooler from their sidelines and poured it on their Hall of Fame coach as a celebration and appreciation for all the hard work and preparation he put in. This soon would catch on to become one of the biggest traditions in American sports and labeled as the “Gatorade Shower.” The shower would go on to become the most embraced celebration in all of sports. For Gatorade marketing, this was a dream come true because it is easily one of the most memorable unpaid advertisements in history. Also it was a historic product placement moment for the company. The hundreds of thousands of victory showers ever since then have helped the consumer associate champions with Gatorade products.

Gatorade in 1965 became the first drink of its kind. Now the sports drink market is absolutely huge, reaching upwards around 300 billion dollars sales per year worldwide. Gatorade in 2008 had an amazing 82% control of the sports drink market share. It accomplished such great dominance through its one of a kind marketing tactics in the sports drink market that has yet to be matched. Gatorade was the first sports drink to sponsor a league in 1967 and today has sponsorships with the NBA, WNBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NFL, etc. It has reached a point now that on every sideline in almost every sport the famous Gatorade products (Gatorade orange cooler and green logo cups) can be seen being used by the players. The company knew that creating consumer trust in their products was crucial to its longevity so they started to sponsor the world’s greatest athletes, including names like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter. Not only have these player sponsorships created consumer trust but it has also created worldwide name recognition due to the fact that such high profile players are well known in just about every country. Gatorade is a marketer’s dream come true. Everything from the brand name recognition to its high profile sponsors proves that Gatorade’s marketing strategy is second to none.

This paper will go on to explain the marketing structure and strategies that the company has developed. Touching on the key elements of marketing such as the brands target market, market competition and marketing mix. The objective of the paper is to provide information about the solid framework of Gatorade marketing which lead it to become one of the most dominating companies in any market. Target Market

G2 natural target market
With the launch of Gatorades new product line the company is reaching out to a new target market. The line refocusing on the 68 million Americans who are classified as “serious athletes” from the ages of 16 – 25. Even more specifically the new line is for those who are looking for sports performance needs. The line is much more like sports performance supplements rather than just hydration now. The product line is made directly to help maximize performance, maintain that performance and rebuild muscle after the physical activity. The chief marketing officer for Gatorade was quoted in saying “Our goal is to leverage our scientific resources and knowledge of athletes to redefine the sports performance nutrition landscape. As a first step, we are innovating our product lineup to meet a much greater range of needs for more athletes.” Gatorade is in a process of entering an entire new market that will create a new target market. The company...
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