Gas Prices Explained

Topics: Riot, Causality, Violence Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Emily Mullins
Associate Professor Honeycutt
English 1010
December 10, 2012
Gas Prices too high to pay
Today gas prices have crept up to just over fifteen dollars a gallon. Due to rapidly depleted resources, the price of oil has gone to five hundred and thirty dollars; therefore the final price of gasoline had to increase. This has caused extreme violence to erupt all over the nation, especially at the gas stations themselves. People, in order just to fill up their gas tanks have had to sacrifice many things in their daily life. Even though most people and businesses sacrifice, some have come up with creative alternative solutions to using gasoline.

With gasoline prices as high as they are, people have become desperate and violent. There have been many reports of people stealing gas from pumps. This has resulted in most gas stations making the customer come in personally and prepay for their gas and the station attendant has to type in a code to activate each pump. Many gas stations have been robbed in order not only to get money for gasoline, but to get what food they can because people can’t afford it either. People are being robbed in broad daylight for money and any other valuables. Home burglary rates have skyrocketed to 73%, a percentage never heard of before on history. Police can’t respond to as many home invasions as they should because they are trying to control the rioting public. Groups of angered citizens that have reached their breaking point are rioting across the entire country. Most of the riots started out as peaceful protests, but as the prices climbed, so did their anger. When the first group snapped in September of 2019 and started destroying public property and burning down gas stations it was like the domino effect. Soon, groups all over America were increasing in violence. The police have had to result in tear gas, fire hoses, and even rubber bullets to control the rioters and police forces have been stretched to the absolute...
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