$20 Per Gallon Book Report

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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$20 per Gallon
Book report

This is an amazing book about the effect of gasoline prices on the world. The author starts off by describing what happen in 2008 when the countries gas prices soared to historical highs $4 a gallon. Some people only look at the bad side of gas going up and never consider the good things that can come out of it. In this book the upside and downside of rising gasoline prices are examined, and I find out some surprising facts about gasoline prices rising. For instance when the gas was up to $4 a gallon, Americans drove 100 billion miles fewer than the year before. This lessens the amount of traffic accidents. The price of gas will inevitably increase and each increase will bring on new challenges that will force us to change our life style in one way or another and as the middle class keeps expanding more and more cars are being bought and driven, thus keeping the demand for gasoline steadily rising. At $4 a gallon SUV’s became a thing of the past and Hybrid cars became the car to get.

At $6 a gallon public transportation will be the number one choice for transportation. Over 10 million cars will come off the road and most of them will be SUV’s. Diesel fuel vehicles will come back and make a strong presence. The shift from $4 a gallon to $6 a gallon will save 4,000 more lives due to the decline of traffic deaths mainly by SUV’s that wont be on the road.

At $8 a gallon the airline industry will start to crumble. Over 60% of their cost will be on fuel, and they cannot stay operational like that. All the big major airlines will have to go out of business due to their high debt and low profit margin. Americans will get skinnier due to les importing of food and less driving to eat out. Police officers will resort back to foot patrol, and school busses will diminish, thus impacting away games in sports, both school and professional. Vegas will also be a thing of the past due to the high price of fuel.

At $10 a gallon electric...
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