Gap Year

Topics: High school, University, Higher education Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Thesis: High School students should not take a year off high school before going to college because you end up not wanting to go back to school, you forget stuff you learned in high school, and you lose time you could be spending to get your college degree. The idea of recent high school graduates putting off college for a year may seem ludicrous and impulsive, but this European tradition is catching on in America, which is not exactly a good thing. Seniors may find it daunting to continue on with their educational plans after recently finishing thirteen years of hard work. College can sometimes take two to eight years to complete and why would you want to wait to get that completed? A gap year gives students time to live their lives without school, but there are many reasons not too. First, they get too caught up in their personal lives, second, they forget what they learned in high school, and last, it takes you longer to get your degree when you take time off. In my opinion, unless you’re not going to college at all, a gap year is not a good idea. Students are discouraged about attending college after taking a break from school after they graduate high school because they've been away from any sort of education for that short period of time. Sometimes students are sidetracked by events that are happening in their everyday lives. Like boyfriends/girlfriends or maybe just friends. A study at John Hopkins University states that “students who took a break after college were most likely sidetracked by marriage and became parents before they decided to attend college.” A lot of people become comfortable working their minimum wage jobs and feel like that is enough to get them through life. They don't realize though, that eventually they'll need to earn a degree in order to make a decent living in the future. By taking a break from college, students often forget what they've learned in high school. Most of students who go to college right after high school remember a...
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