Gandhi Imperialism

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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In the following essay I am going to analyse and interpret the speech of Gandhi which is addressed at the A.I.C.C. The speech was held in Bombay in August 1942. He speaks in Hindustani to the people of A.I.C.C to tell them about his plan of action. Gandhi wants to say some words about the resolution. At first he request the audience to see the resolution of his own point of view. Of course this words have power because he is a respected person and an ideal, too. He wants that the audience understand his following speech. Consequently he wants to break the distance between the audience and himself. He answers the unexpressed question of the audience: Is he Gandhi changed? So he says that he does not changed at all. He is the same person than before who fight for Ahimsa, which is the sanskrit word for non – violence. This words support Gandhi’s intention because the people can trust his authentic words. After that he describes what Ahimsa mean to him. Ahimsa is nonviolence and it is the contrast to Himsa which is the sanskrit word for violence. The situation in 1942 was full of Himsa. He is a person who trade non-violent. “Purest Ahimsa” is given from God. Therefore it is a present which has to be used. It is a precious present from God which is a part of himself and they sharing a way. This can you see by the words “I and my Ahisma are on our trail today”. It is very impressive that Gandhi say “I failed to make use of the God given talent” because it shows the people that Gandhi is imperfect. Furthermore Gandhi who has done a lot of things for human rights, democracy and equality has the feeling of guilt. He can not believe that he has fulfilled his exercise of Ahisma but he wants to act now. This words from Gandhi are very important for the audience because Gandhi show that he is human like them. Consequently they can do the same actions like Gandhi. His and the people´s Ahisma is imperfect. Ahisma is a way to the utopia of freedom, democracy and to fundamental...
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