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How Do We See A Gamer?
“Die, Die, Die.” Those are the words I hear daily when my brother plays video games. Continuously playing for four to five hours straight, video games have given my 10 year old brother thick glasses and a life where all his free time is placed into beating levels in a digital world. “Bang, bang,” I hear as the gun fires and the shells hit the ground like hail stones. Typically, people have associated a gamer as being an antisocial middle-class nerd that spends his or her free time in front of a monitor; however, such classifications cannot be associated with casual gamers that just want to pass the time.

Though there are many categories and levels of gamers, a gamer is simply a person that plays video games. This definition, however, was not true a few years ago. In fact, only recently has the term expanded to include all gamers. In the past, gamers were only people playing role-playing games (known as RPGs) and wargames. Thus, people settled for RPGs where players play online with their friends to complete quests or missions in the game. Now, even in the technologically advancing world, people still play RPGs due to high addiction levels. Louis Wu, a classmate of mine, currently plays the once hit game Diablo 2. Released in 2000, Diablo 2 is still popular amongst gamers because of its gameplay, the way the game is laid out.

Gamers are known, by society, to be antisocial, nerdy, and a bit violent. Although I am a gamer, I do not conform to those stereotypical properties. The stereotypical attributes do, however, apply to those that play for many hours at a time. Needless to say, the intensity of gaming is a hierarchy. First off are the casual gamers, those that play simple games from time to time. Casual gamers usually play games such as Tetris and Snake, the game where a snake eat some food and then gets bigger. Most casual gamers are actually very socially interactive and outgoing and they only play...
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