Gambling Can Be Beneficial One's Country

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Rosemarie Gordon-McKenzie

Topic:would you say it is wrong to encourage the sort of betting/gambling that is promoted in your country?

Narrowed Topic:Encouraging Gambling can be beneficial to one’s country

I.Thesis:Positive outcomes are inevitable in major capacities for a country. Despite the positive,

other negative implications can cause detrimental effects on individual and society.

IIThe country is position for Economic gain

A.Increase in investment for the country

1.New businesses is generated

2.New development

3.Creates more jobs for the economy

III.Increasing in revenues can have positive impact on the country.

B.Tax collection can alleviate tax burdens on the government

1.Collection of tax from workers

2.Tax from tourism

3.Government gains from unclaimed jackpots.

IV. Increase in gambling attraction will boost tourism industries a. Hotels stand to benefit
b. Small businesses can benefit

V.Notwithstanding the country gains from gambling, negative effect can also develop as a result

a.Increase surge in crime impact


e.Impact on family


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Gone are the days when our country has been enslaved by poverty, the future became uncertain and not many resources to offset our financial woes. The government is overburden with unresolved answers. Nevertheless, here comes a solution to our problem that undoubtedly brings wealth, and economic gains, that precedes the country to a level of high recognition. With all these solutions that have been found, they can also have negative implications on individuals and society. as well.

Whenever countries are under pressure from both the people that they rule and their opponent, they are forced to implement policies to benefit their countries. According to an article Fastbender (2008) over the years the government of Jamaica has strived to remedy the situation by legalizing casino gambling. This has seen the countries improving in numerous of areas. To date many resorts have open their premises to welcome casinos, whereas this gesture has seen them benefited from special licensees and some tax waivers from the government. This has also seen the government capitalizing on the economy and stimulating towards a growth path. There are many debates today over whether or not gambling has value, or if it is good for the economy. But it still has value became it brings satisfaction, it also increase the economist’s utilities for the consumers and the expansion of tourism.

Gambling has also seen businesses increasing and the hotels industries booming in many different aspects of the cities. New hotels are been built to house patrons. Research has shown that gambling, as a motivational economic development tool, has seen places such as Atlanta City and Los Vegas expanding in businesses and making their names worldwide. Many large facilities have been created; hence thousands of jobs have been generated to alleviate poverty and standards of livings.

Gambling on a whole is very good for the development of the Jamaican economy because it generates jobs for the country at large and it also alleviates some of the burdens that Jamaica population is facing. The building of new infrastructures such as casinos and hotels is going to require man power to do the job; hence, thousands of people are going to be employed according to the “Jamaica 2030 Vision”. This willpower will see the country moving further away from poverty and to a step towards upward mobility. More businesses are going to be created people are going to be motivated that the mere fact...
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