Gain Power and Influence in the Workplace

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On a professional level, when influence is properly asserted, you have the ability to help shape the course of something much bigger than an individual agenda – there’s the ability to have an impact on the lives of many. To be able to influential, your peers and leadership first have to trust you. They need to know your knowledge (or ability to gain it) is sound, your word is good, your promises are realistic and solid, you can handle adversity & setbacks, and that you have a reasonable level of belief within your peer group so that you can get things done. Consistently succeeding in these areas, over time, establishes your reliability within the company and with your co-workers. If you are trustworthy and reliable; then all that’s left to finish building a foundation that allows for influence is assertiveness. You have to understand power and know how to handle your peers in a leadership position. One of Raven’s and French’s five bases of power is reward. You have to implement rewards for those that are performing above and beyond. Keep employees motivated by any means necessary. Rewarding employees will have them working towards goals with determination and drive. I would constantly be proactive instead of reactive. I would be taking a level measured risks to put out ideas, suggestions, and to give/receive requests for help when needed for the betterment of the organization… confidently, because it’s within the limits of ability of the individual, or belief that the combined ability of the team, is present to perform; while recognizing and respecting the viewpoints, suggestion, and feedback of others. Furthermore I would be aggressive, make concise decisions and stand by them accepting full responsibility for my actions wrong or right. Taking a competitive, ‘all-out effort’ to “win” at any cost; thereby putting out ideas, suggestions, and demands for help for the advancement of one’s self or agenda. While often self-perceived as being forward, it’s often...
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