Futute Goals

Topics: Future, Time, Non sequitur Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: May 15, 2013
My plans for after high school can be summed up into three perfectly (1) apposite (adj) words Live, Laugh, and Learn. I am not able to (2) augur (v) my future, yet hopefully I will be able to (3) debilitate (v) my past, compared to my future. I might even spark a certain (4) charisma (n) in myself. St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas is where my personal (5) labyrinth (n) takes me next. With this change of scenery I’m definitely going to have to be (6) constricted (v) in my way of living. All I can hope for is that my roommate can handle my (7) effusive (adj) attitude. She may even call me a (8) raconteur (n) yet I hope this won’t lead to a (9) vendetta (n). I could even possibly come off as (10) zany (adj) (11) mystique (n). Seeing as though we will have the same major, Environmental Science, we’ll at least have that to give us a reason to have a (12) rapport (n).I’m definitely going to come off (13) precarious (adj) to her ways. All of this of course goes to my (14) lugubrious (adj) new life (sarcasm intended). As I am learning to become one with the best of (15) bravados (n); I am also wishing to not (16) bilk (v) myself into insanity! That action would seem utterly (17) execrable (adj), while attempting to gain my PhD. Many hard times may approach me and in those (18) impasses (n) I plan on having a (19) metamorphosis (n) to which finally rids me of my (20) dichotomy (n). I’ll learn from this that all of my once (21) gothic (adj) thoughts are just easily perishable memories. This great lesson in life might even bless me with a (22) euphoria (n); and in achieving this (23) viable (adj) feeling I’ll continue in my changes to gain some (24) parlous (adj) (25) vagary (n). A (26) sine qua non (n) that I have just noticed is actually quite a (27) quagmire (n). It’s even a (28) quixotic (adj) (29) punctilio (n) that seems utterly useless, yet meaningful at the same time. It’s absolutely a (30) non sequitur (n) which is stellar yet annoying. As I am worrying...
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