Future Trends in the United States Healthcare System

Topics: Health insurance, Health care, Health economics Pages: 7 (2640 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Future trends in the United States Healthcare system

Title: Future trends in the United States Healthcare system
Class HCA421: Health Care Planning & Evaluation
Instructor Jennine Kinsey
Name Crystal Batts
Date October 29, 2012

Future trends in the United States Healthcare system

For this paper I have chosen to write about the future trends in the United States healthcare system regarding Financial and Insurance issues, and access to health care including the uninsured and those in the poverty levels. Health care financing is affected by many things and affects the society in many ways. The costs of health care can be kept affordable for both individuals and society. It is not really the costs of health insurance that is the main problem in the country's health system; it is the cost of healthcare itself. The cost of healthcare in this country is ridiculously high and skyrocketing. If medical insurance fees are also astronomical it is only a reflection of the actual high costs of healthcare. People that have private insurance not only struggle to pay their health insurance premiums but then whatever the insurance does not pay they struggle to pay there coinsurance and or copayments. It is so costly that 15 percent of the population lacks health insurance. I believe that the only way that the costs of health care are kept affordable for both individuals and society is for the government to step in and actually say that the doctors and hospital can only charge so much for procedures. I think that in order for the prices to lower the government would have to step in and actually create and fees schedule for the providers to go by. I am not saying for it to be completely set in stone but for the government to set the prices. For example I think that they should go through all the diagnosis codes and set prices from one range to the other. For example it a child is going in for surgery to have their tonsils removed the provider should have to pull out the fee schedule and see that he can only charge between one amount and the other but can’t go over the maximum chargeable amount. I also think that providers should be monitored and make sure that they are not doing unessacary testing and or procedures. I just had a recent experience with my primary care physician. My PCP wanted me to go to another specialist to have a very expense test done when I had already had that same test done two years before hand. My PCP said he just wanted to confirm the diagnosis which in some cases I can understand this. My PCP had the test results in his hand and I asked him why do you want me to get this done again when you are only going to get the same results that you already have in your hand now. To say the least he was not pleased with my statement so I went to the specialist and he told me he would not do that particular test on me again because it was medically unnecessary, and that I was too high of a risk to develop complications after the procedure. So my overall wish with this new healthcare reform is that they start to regulate the cost of procedures and this in turn will start to lower the cost of health insurance premiums. I am also a strong believer in people being their own patient advocate and to make sure they know what their options are along with the outcome so they can make the best choice for themselves. How societies pay for health care, and how many resources they devote to health, affects both the care people can get and its quality. In most developed countries, health care is paid for largely by the government or an organization associated with it, using taxes collected from citizens. The United Kingdom, for example, has a “single-payer” system in which the government pays directly for care; in France and Germany, the government collects taxes to fund part of the government health care system, and employers and individuals pay for the remainder of the costs directly. In other...
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