Future Convergence of the Telecommunication Industry

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Future Convergence of the Telecommunication Industry


Existing telecommunications market - one of the fastest growing and developing industries in the economy. Also implementation of new technology allows to realize any decision on the telecommunications market. A gradual integration of the various types of communication suggests that the possibility of a universal operator can become almost limitless.

By itself, the telecommunications industry is innovative, because it is based on the latest technologies and today is kind of mediator between other industries of the economy in any country.

To date, the telecommunications market consist of 4 parts. This is the fixed communications, mobile communications, Internet and TV broadcasting. In different countries, the share of each of these sectors different depending on the level of economic development, location, infrastructure development and other factors.

But each of these sectors evolve in different standards. For example, a fixed link uses based on voice over wires while mobile communication use data transfer protocols through radio (for example GSM, CDMA, 3G, LTE). The Internet also is transmitted through the wire but it uses more advanced technology, communications and data transfer protocols and dominant of these is the IP protocol. In turn, TV broadcasting at the moment is in transition from analog to digital television.

From the above it can be summarized that they are developing in different directions, which increase in CAPEX and OPEX for the telecom market and inconvenience to users when using these technologies.

In this study, we propose the concept of integrated services through the convergence of all four sectors of the telecommunications industry based on the IP protocol.

The concept is comparatively simple. In Norway, for example, it is called "hamburger model" - all in one. For the consumer, it allows for a unified access to all...
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