Funny in Farsi (Save Me, Mickey)

Topics: English-language films, High school, Humour Pages: 1 (403 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Save Me, Mickey From all of the 27 chapters in the book “Funny in Farsi”, my favorite chapter was the fourth chapter, Save Me, Mickey. The reason why this chapter is my favorite is because when I went any place during my age of five to seven, I effortlessly got lost. When I find out my parents weren’t with me, I begin to shed tears and wail for them. But according to what Firoozeh had written in her book, she seemed much calmer than I was when she was lost. As I read this book, I wanted to be like her when I was young. It seemed embarrassing to think about right now when I took action on only worrying. The author, Firoozeh Dumas, uses her humor to tell her story by using lack of humor. For example, when Firoozeh’s father had entered boiling for money. He came back, only with $7. This maybe a little funny, but my guess is that not many people would like it. A connection to my own life about moving to a new country was when I had finished 1st grade in Good Shepherd Catholic School, Beverly Hills, California. It was during summer vacation and my parents were thinking to move to another school because my school was turning expensive, barely gave education, and served only fast food for lunch. My parents decided to go back to South Korea and I was sent to SIS on 2nd grade. I was unable to have friends while I was in SIS. But after a few weeks pasted, I finally began to know more people and have some friends. After two years pasted, I went to visit Good Shepherd Catholic School during my summer vacation to see my three best friends, Angela, Sarah Ivy, and Sabrina. When I met Sarah Ivy, she was glad to see me and she took me to Sabrina, where she played with another friend I didn’t know. Sabrina didn’t greet or say anything to me nor she was available to meet me, so I was only aloud to see Sarah Ivy and Angela. I felt it was my parents’ fault for taking me to South Korea and leaving California. But because I was young, I was not old enough to understand that friends...
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