Funny Boy

Topics: Homosexuality, English-language films, Black people Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: May 10, 2013
In the short story “funny boy” Adrian and ___ are discriminated against for different reasons in their culture. Adrian, while being homosexual, and ___ for being black and taking care of Adrian. In this time period, it was still universially accepted and common for people to be against gays and blacks. In many instances, they are both discriminated against. In Adrian’s case, he was discriminated against for being gay and having AIDS,which was generally associated with homosexuals. He lived in San Francisco for a while where having AIDS and being gay was common, but when he contracted HIV he came back to his home town to die. Adrian’s family who is very wealthy does not want him around because of having AIDS. He is discriminated when he also goes to live with ___. While living in the black side of town, Adrian is constantly denied basic rights and normal privledges that most humans, even the blacks at the time, were given. An example would be when he wanted to go to the library. Adrian wanted to go to the drug store to pick up some wine but wasn’t strong enough to walk there or was safe at the time of night. Adrian’s care taker called up her neighbor from across the street to do it. Every thing was going smoothly until Adrian tried to hand the man money. This is discrimination because of the fact that the man didn’t take the money because he was infected with AIDS. Another time was when he wanted to go to the library and couldn’t get there because it was across town and once again was not strong enough to get there. Adrian’s caretaker called up a taxi service for him but the taxi driver wouldn’t allow him into the car because he had AIDS. ____ also was discriminated against for being black and taking care of Adrian. ___ was shunned from normal life for being black. In the time period it was common for whites to not associate or like the blacks. Adrian was given to her because of the fact that Adrian’s white rich family felt superior to ___. She was also...
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