Fundamentals of Project Management

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Module: Fundamentals of Project Management Module Code: FPM12/1 Assignment number: 1

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Assignment Guidelines
Guidelines for the successful submission of assignments Students are sometimes unsure as to what constitutes work of an acceptable standard when submitting an assignment. Naturally, programmes offered at different NQF Levels demand different types of responses. An NQF Level 4 or 5 qualification probably requires the student to demonstrate the ability to describe, explain and apply a concept, whereas at a graduate level (NQF Level 6/7), students must be able to analyse, evaluate and synthesise information. It is therefore important that you familiarise yourself with the NQF Level on which your specific programme is registered. The following provides some useful guidelines for the successful submission of assignments: STEP ONE – ANALYSE WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU Firstly, determine what your task is by identifying the verbs or doing words. The following are a few examples of doing words that are commonly used in assessments. If you understand what each of these words mean, it will help you to approach questions correctly (understanding these terms can also assist you with regard to HOW you approach your exam questions): TERM Identify Summarise Describe Explain Give the key points. Give a detailed, logical and well-structured account of the topic, mentioning characteristics, components, structures, etc. Clarify to ensure that the reader clearly understands you. Make use Compare Discuss Debate Illustrate Analyse of illustrations, descriptions or simple facts, but logical explanations. Identify similarities/differences between phenomena, structures, ideas, viewpoints, influences, etc. Write in detail, using a critical approach with arguments in favour of or against the statement. Discuss the topic from various viewpoints, giving the arguments in favour of and against each viewpoint. Give complete examples and comparisons. Divide into sections or elements and discuss them and their EXPLANATION Name the most important characteristics, phenomena or topics.

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TERM relation to one another. Criticise

EXPLANATION Point out the positive and negative characteristics and give your own opinion after taking all the facts into account.

STEP TWO – PLANNING AND STRUCTURING YOUR ASSIGNMENT ANSWER   Look for the key words that indicate the parameters of the question. Only include relevant information. You do not receive marks in an assignment for irrelevant information, in spite of how well you may have written it.   The structure of your assignment will depend on the type of assignment. Essay-type questions, where you need to discuss a specific topic, need to include the following: Introduction: short paragraph leading the reader into the topic of discussion. Body: discussion of the topic. You can include main headings and sub-headings. Ensure that your headings are linked to the question/topic of discussion.  Conclusion: the outcome of your discussion. The list of references used.

Direct questions, where there is only one correct answer (e.g. in Taxation, Accounting). Ensure that your questions are clearly marked and that your answers are neatly written/typed so that it is easy for the marker to mark.

STEP THREE – WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENT Consider the following pointers when answering the questions:   Begin by structuring your arguments in a logical fashion. Consult as many sources as possible, from your textbooks/study material as well as further resources – remember to reference your material correctly (please refer to the section on Referencing and Plagiarism for some guidelines).    Use examples and explanations to justify your arguments. One sentence should contain one idea; more than one idea in a sentence will make your answer...
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