Fundamental of Management

Topics: Motivation, Leadership, Management Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: January 5, 2013
   According to trait theories of leadership, traits associated with leadership include self- confidence, extraversion and contradictory. However, these traits do not exist in Darwin. K.Smith, a tranformational CEO of Kimberly Slark that turned the company from good to great(. Level 5 leadership ). He is clearly a level 5 leader, but exhibits traits not traditionally associated with leaders. Kurt Lewin's studies at the University of lowa suggest that there are 3 leadership styles: autocratic style, democratic style and laissze- faire style.each style is suitable for different situations.  To match leaders with situations, we can either put leaders with suitable styles to the respective situations or adjust the situations for the leaders. Hwever, can leaders be trained to adopt suitable leadership styles required by the situations ? If so, what are the measures? Or do normal leader only have limited or fixed leadership styles due to their personalities?

      Under the topic of motivation, l realised that intrinsic motivations are more important than extrinsic motivations. Even there are extrinsic motivations like competitive environment, encouragement by supervisors or teachers, individuals still need to translate the extrinsic motivations internally and motivate themselves in daily actions. For example, in the case of Job Steve, he would have been pessimistic due to abandonment by his biological parents, cancer and being chased out from own company. In his situation, most people will feel rejected, despondent and lose intrinsic motivations. However, he is still able to motivate himself, set exceptional goals and arise form the failures to achieve greater success. Olivia Lum is successful to excape from poverty and establish a career in Sinngapore. But in Olivia Lum's home country, Indonesia, many people continue to stay in poverty and do not take the iniatives to genearate wealt for themselves due to lack of intrinsic motivations. Some might...
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