Functional Health Pattern

Topics: United States Census, High school, United States Census Bureau Pages: 14 (1754 words) Published: February 14, 2013
| | |Functional Health Patterns - Community Assessment | |Grand Canyon University – NRS427V - Instructor: Leta Davis | |As presented by Team RED | |August 26, 2012 | | | | | |DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS |NURSING DIAGNOSIS |RECOMMENDATIONS/OUTCOMES | | |(Actual, At-risk, Potential) |(Surveillance and Preventative Measures) | |Cognitive/Perceptual Pattern: | |Conduct ongoing evaluations and surveys for detecting weaknesses | |The United States Census Bureau reports that 92.0% of Nogales residents speak Spanish, and |Programs are sufficient for this area, Nogales,|Continue to provide high level of education to all youth in the area. | |77% of residents are white only. |AZ has an excellent school system and |The Courts’ ruling in 1992, upheld ELL students’ rights to learn English | | |accommodates a variety of academic needs |and a states duty to ensure that all ELL students overcome language | |Language and cultural barriers are not an issue | |barriers. | |in Nogales mainly because there is very little cultural diversity.( however there is an |( Doenges, Moorhouse,& Geissler-Murr,2004) | | |exception when one ventures out of the community for example to seek professional medical | | | |help from medical doctors that are non Hispanics. | | | | | | | |Nogales Unified School District serves approximately 6,200 students in its 10 schools which |Potential for inability to communicate in | | |include a preschool program, 6...
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