Eth-125 Week #9 Final Project: Race and Your Community

Topics: Hispanic and Latino Americans, United States, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 7 (2155 words) Published: November 4, 2011
ETH-125 Week #9
Final Project: Race and Your Community

• Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper analyzing the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human interactions in your community have been racialized. For the community, you may consider relations within your neighborhood, local government, service groups, clubs, schools, workplace, or any environment of which you are a part.

• Answer the following questions and provide examples:

o Do members of your community look like you? In what ways do they look the same or different?

o How do leaders within your community treat people who are like you? How do they treat people who are different?

o How do other members of your community treat people who are like you? How do they treat people who are different?

o Do your texts or work manuals contain information by or about people like you?

o Do the local media represent people like you? If so, in what ways?

o What are some similarities and differences between you and the people who are in leadership positions in your community? Do you think minority group interests are represented within your community?

o If you could resolve any inequities within your community, what do you change? How and why?

o Which main concepts from the text relate to race? Apply some of these concepts to your project.

• Include the following elements in your paper:

o The thesis addresses racial issues in your local community. o Three sources are used, and one source is a community member, leader, or representative from a local community organization. o The paper is written in first-person point of view, with an autobiographical approach. o Text concepts are applied to your observations.

• Post your completed research as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

Final Project: Race and Community
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Race and my Community

I look Caucasian, with white skin, green eyes, and dark hair. When I go to the supermarket, the people take me for another middle-class white American. As such, I have little risk of being stopped by the police for arbitrary reasons, being denied opportunities at work, or being discriminated against in terms of access to housing, fair lending, etc. However, I harbor a dirty little secret: I’m not a typical white American; I’m a Hispanic American who had the benefit that at some point in time during his naturalization process, my father changed his last name.

Since I look Caucasian and speak perfect English, members of dominant groups embrace me as an equal and extend me the same respect and consideration they extend other members of their group. Being able to interact with them closely, I have also seen what they think about minorities, including Hispanics. I have been a witness to their prejudice, and to the gratuitous pain they inflict on members of subordinate groups. I tears me inside.

In this paper, I will describe race in my community, including how it is like to be an identifiable, targetable minority.

What color is your skin?
Members of my community look like me: white, Caucasian, middle class. Most people where I live have high educational levels, stable employment histories, wear nice cloths, and take good care of their personal appearance. Very few people in this part of town are either African American or Indian American. Most of the Hispanic-looking people I see labor as ground keepers: they cut the grass, manicure the bushes, and do other menial jobs around to earn a living. I spoke with one of them about a week ago: he and his family are having financial problems. They bought some furniture in the Buy on Time store, but got a rotten deal. By the time they finish paying for their furniture, they will have forked more than double the actual price of the items....
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