Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan

Positive behavior support , Applied behavior analysis , Individualized Education Program

Running Head: Functional Behavior

Functional Behavior Assessment and Behavior Support Plan

Section One: Behavior Analysis and Support
Challenging behavior that occurs within a student population can be a serious issue. It can affect the learner’s education and interfere with the learning of other students. Fortunately, there is a systematic process for educators to use to address problem behaviors. With the reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) in 1997, schools were mandated to use Positive Behavior Support (PBS) to address behavior issues. In alignment with this mandate, schools are required to use Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Support Plans (BSP) when addressing students with behavior challenges. The Significance of FBA

FBA embraces many factors that are important to education. First and foremost, FBA provides the educator with a methodical process to define, understand, and measure maladaptive behavior in students. The practice of FBA goes beyond simply identifying the problem behavior. With FBA, the function of the behavior is identified, along with the antecedent, the environment and setting events that bring on the behavior. A second important factor of FBA is that it provides a method that schools can easily incorporate to understand the student’s behavior and create positive interventions to address these issues. Yet another merit of FBA is that it is research-supported due to the fact that is it founded on Applied Behavior Analysis. The Significance of BSP

Challenging behavior can present problems to educators, families and other students. One way of addressing these behaviors is to create a BSP, which is essential because it is a “proactive action plan to address behavior(s) that are impeding learning of the student or others” (PENT). In other words, it provides a positive and clear cut way for educators to manage maladaptive behaviors. BSP is also...
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