Functional Areas of Business

Topics: International trade, Management, Human resource management Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: February 17, 2013
I started going to back to Phoenix with the intention of getting my MBA with an emphasis in IT Security. I then decided to just do an MBA and put of my “concentration” off to a later date, if ever. Like most people, there are many reasons to go back to school. Going further with my current job, possibly going on to a bigger and better job, and getting a feeling of self-satisfaction that I “did it” are the reasons I kept trying. This week we learned how to advance our positions in our individual companies. I believe keeping current with new processes and technology, at Graybar, is the key to going forward in my 20 year tenure. If you sit still and do not learn, you stagnate and die. Coworkers that don’t try to do more, tend to get dissatisfied and grumble. Currently I am trying to get into the security section of our company. There are databases that I have designed for that team, but I am finding that I am priced out of most of the jobs they have coming open. I am also pursuing more technical knowledge with SAP in the Warehouse to Cash team. (Pick Pack and Ship) It makes sense to try for both as my Bachelors is in IT Security and my current position supports all pick pack and ship processes. My search for positions is based on advice from my previous managers, my emphasis in my undergraduate, and my strengths in the career interest profiler and career plan building competencies we have just learned. We as a company are doing our best to gain market share in the e-business arena. We are fortunate to be position to be able to spend the time and resources it will take to get that accomplished. With our current economy being in recession, most of the world and the country are borrowing money and outsourcing jobs. We have the manpower and teams to keep most of it in house. The SAP portion, while it starts in Germany, is always finished with our ABAP programmers. We also realize that we are going to have to go international. Recently we...
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