Topics: Cloning, Brain, DNA Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: November 1, 2012
The science of genetic engineering will change the future. For example, genetic engineering will be able to eventually create better babies on the other hand, genetic engineering will create mutations that society will not be able to handle. Francis Fukuyama’s article, “Genetic Engineering”, he argues that genetic engineering is disastrous because society is not prepared for it. Genetic engineering could cause mutations and deformities that modern medicine will not be able to cure. Consequently, genetically engineering will drastically impact people’s lives i a negative way. First of all, Fukuyama says that science is still not ready for the cloning process. One of the factors which is attributing to this is the fact that human DNA is too complex. Furthermore, scientists had over 200 failed attempts at cloning Dolly the sheep because they were finally successful. This indicates there will be a lot of complications in human cloning if and when it is ever attempted. Fukuyama says “the dangers greatly magnified in the case of genetic engineering, given the multiple causal pathways between genes and their ultimate expression in the phenotype (Fukuyama 677). The potential pain and suffering that a cloned human might go through is enough of a reason to not attempt cloning. Additionally,the cost of cloning and genetic engineering is another reason it should not be attempted. At the current rate, only the very wealthy can afford it. As a result, the cloning and engineering of wealthy people to make them stronger and smarter will serve to create a better social gap. Another reason to not engineer and clone humans is the fact that since only a small population can afford it, society as a whole will not be made better. According to this article, “human nature will not be altered unless such changes occur in a statistically significant way for the population as a whole” (Fukuyama 677). Since Cloning is so expensive and available to sew few, it wouldn’t be...
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