Reflection and Enemies of Promise:

Topics: World population, DNA, Human Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: September 7, 2008
Reflection and Enemies of Promise

In the last three decades, a great advance in genetic research and biotechnology has occurred. Max Born said in his essay, "Reflection," "But suddenly, about three hundred years ago, an explosion of mental activity occurred: modern science and technology were born. Since then, they have increased at an ever growing rate, probably faster than exponentially, and are now transforming the human world beyond recognition" (209). Similarly, Michael Bishop said in " Enemies of Promise," "We live in an age of scientific triumph. Science has solved many of nature's puzzles and greatly enlarged human knowledge" (237). Both scientists have written their essays before the present controversies over genetic engineering and the biotechnology research, but it is amazing how true their predictions are, considering the number of protests and fears generated by these researches.

The genetic engineering science has always been in the human mind since the famous French scientist, Mendel, discovered the genetic dominant characters in some plants in the 16th century, and he started cross changing the characters to get strong plants with fast growth and more production. Nowadays after discovering the DNA by the American scientist James Watson ". . . that the specific pairing we have postulated immediately suggests a possible copying mechanism for the genetic material" (138), genetic engineering became a matter of interest for many scientists. Every scientist is trying to use a new method either on plant or animal to increase its production. Some of these new methods are being used already, and many of the foods that people eat now are mass-produced through many methods of the genetic engineering to feed world's overpopulation.

The world population is increasing tremendously because of medical progress. "Medicine has overcome most plagues and epidemic diseases and it has doubled the human life span within a single generation: the...
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