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Subject Name: AT1360- AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING UNIT-I VEHICLE STRUCTURE AND ENGINES PART A (2 MARKS) 1. State major types of automobiles according to the fuel used. 2. List any four components of a chassis. 3. Mention any two requirement of an automobile. 4. List any four characteristics of a good chassis. 5. Give any two requirement of good frame. 6. Define cross wind force. 7. State any four functions of lubrication. 8. State purpose of providing radiator in cooling systems. 9. Name any four air pollutants. 10. W hat do you m ean by Electronic Engine Management system? PART B (16 MARKS ) 01. Explain the construction of various frames used in automobiles with neat sketch. (16) 02. Discuss t he Construction and working principles of 3-way Catalytic controller (16) 03. Explain the following terms : Load distribution in frames Frame types with neat sketch Frame materials Frame testing. (16) 04. i) Explain the operation of the typical turbocharger with sketch. (8) ii) Discuss the principle of operation of a four stroke cycle S.I. Engine with a neat sketch. (8) 05. W ith the help of neat sketch explain in detail about the construction and working of different engine components? (16) 06. i) W hat are t he functions of a cooling system? (2) ii) Sketch and explain different types of lubrication systems used in automotive engines. (14) 07. i) What do you know about emission norms? Discuss. (7) ii) With a block diagram discuss the operational features of electronics engine management system. (9) Year/Sem: III / VI


ME 1353-AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING 08. i) What are the desirable properties of a good lubricant? ii) Draw the layout of an automobile and indicate the various components. 09. Discuss various methods to reduce the level of pollutants in the exhaust gases. UNIT II ENGINE AUXILLARY SYSTEM PART A (2 MARKS) 1. What is carburetor? 2. What are the requirements of a spark plug? 3. List out the main functions of a battery. 4. What is a variable jet carburetor? 5. W hat is the function of ORC in a starting motor? 6. Name the components of battery coil ignition system used in vehicle. 7. What is the purpose of Cut-out relay? 8. What are the important units electronic fuel injection system? 9. Mention the two ways of determining the stste of charge. 10. What are the factors to be considered for comparing magneto and coil ignition system? PART B (16 MARKS ) 01. Briefly discuss the working principle of a simple Carburator system. (16) 02. Describe the construction and working principles of Battery-Coil ignition system. (16) 03. i) What is carburetion? Explain principle of carburetor. (8) (8) ii) With suitable sketch explain the principle of the MPFI. 04. i) Explain CDI ignition system with a suitable diagram. (8) ii) Sketch and explain the starting circuit of the cranking motor. (8) 05. i) Differentiate Electronic Fuel Injection system from Conventional Fuel Injection system. (4) ii) Describe about Multi Point Fuel Injection System of an automotive engine. (12) 06. With the help of neat sketches explain in detail about Battery, Magneto coil and Electronic Ignition Systems. (16) 07. i) Discuss the construction, operation and maintenance of lead acid battery. (8) ii) Explain the different tests conducted to assertain the condition of the battery. (8) 08. With suitable sketches explain mono point and multi point fuel injection systems and bring out the comparative features. (16) 09. i) Explain the working features of a starter motor with a neat diagram. (8) ii) Explain the operation of a MPFI system and compare it with TBI system. (8) (8) (8) (16)


ME 1353-AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING UNIT III TRANSMISSION SYSTEM PART A (2 MARKS) 1. What are the function of clutch? 2. What is the function of Synchromesh unit in a gear box? 3. State the...
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