Fruit Fly Research Paper

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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This experiment focuses on the effects water bath temperatures have on D. melanogaster entering and recovering an anoxic coma. It was found that there was an indirect relationship between the amount of time it took D. melanogaster to enter and recover from an anoxic coma and the temperature of the water bath. D. melanogaster was able to enter and recover from the anoxia coma quicker when they were drowned in a cold water bath condition when comparing these results to the warm water bath condition results. These results support other research findings that investigated the effects of the water bath temperatures. Also other mechanisms that aid D. melanogaster in being able to successfully survive an anoxia coma were researched and discussed while connecting them to current research on human patients with pulmonary diseases. Introduction

Many animals have developed mechanisms that allow them to sustain anoxia comas for extended periods of time with little to no physiological consequences. This experiment is designed to test the amount of time it takes Drosophila melanogaster to enter and recover from an anoxia coma at different water bath temperatures. The purpose is to deduce the effects temperature has on the organism’s ability to enter and survive the anoxia coma, and generalize what body changes allow D. melanogaster to accomplish this feat. The results are then extrapolated to include how current research is using this information to reduce the amount of anoxia related stress humans with pulmonary diseases experience. Methods

Each condition was tested with a separate single group of D. melanogaster (cold bath - 8 flies and warm bath – 11 flies), and all of the flies used were approximately 1-9 day old males. Each group of D. melanogaster was held in a container that provided adequate nutrients prior to the experiment, and then transferred to a drowning container that held no nutrients. One group of D. melanogaster was put into a cold water bath...
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