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Topics: Television, Vacuum tube, Television program Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Taylor 1
Kendrick Taylor
Professor Krivoruk
English 101
11 February 2013
The Television Debate
In the last half century of watching television many authors, critic, and people in general has had an opinion on weather watching television is a good thing or a bad thing. In a couple of recent articles that I’ve read one Author Steven Johnson, who wrote “Watching TV Makes You Smarter”. Tells us of how violent and gruesome shows of this era are as opposed to shows of the past. Steven also tells us of how there are some good shows that actually teach people and helps them to learn in a different way. The second article that I recently read was “Thinking Outside The Idiot Box” by Dana Stevens. Not only is Dana an author she is also a paid television critic who states that TV does not make us any smarter and that television is “brain-liquefying poison” for all but especially for children. Dana insist that Steven Johnson theory be put to the test by having everyone partake in a National TV Turnoff Week event to see if anyone gets any dumber. In my opinion Television has many different purposes, such as keeping us updated with the news, educating us on different species/creature inside and outside our planet, but the main purpose for television is soley for entertainment.

When Television is being debated whether it is good or bad, I think that it should be taking into consideration just as any other subject we talk about when past/present is involved, and that consideration is “Evolution-Things forever evolving or changing”. Take for insistence the way countries would defend their land. In the 1700s militaries fought with swords, in the Taylor 2

1800s militaries were introduce too and fought with muffle rifles and one shot hand guns in which were probably a headache to deal with considering they could only fire their gun once and 2 step process to reload the guns, in the 1900s militaries fought with rockets, missiles, and nuclear bombs and today militaries have...
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