Digital Nation

Topics: Video game, Reality, Video game addiction Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Diggital Nation
Digital Nation/ Growing up online 1 Malcolm Robinson College Of Staten Island Professor Kovacs Com 100

Nation/Online 2 Digital Nation/Growing up Online The internet has become a safe haven for many teens and young adults to escape the realities in the real world. The world has become dependent on technology, computers, internet, video games etc In the PBS documentary Digital Nation by Douglas Rushkoff states that multitasking is one of the biggest problems children face today, many believe it is an attribute to learn but studies say it is less effective than focusing on an assignment one a time, people who multitask tend to take longer and make more mistakes. Working without distractions will help you get work done faster and better. Digital multitasking strains attention spans, technology makes it more difficult for children to learn. The documentary states that technology is bringing families farther apart , now instead of being at home with family you can now view and watch on your IPOD or cell phone. The video addiction in south Korea has become an issue for the children, it is seen as a health disorder and they have created internet rescue camps, video game addiction is equal or worst to a disease like alcoholism research of constant video game playing can shrink your capacity to think correctly, I myself believe multitasking is a big distraction, whenever I have to study or write a assignment or completing a task. I find myself taking a...
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