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Topics: Hotel, Cheque, Room Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Checking in a hotel conversation
Lisa: Wow! I’ve never stayed in a place this fancy before! D: Welcome to the Hula-Hula hotel. How can I help you?
Mary: We’d like to check in our names are Lisa and Mary Lee. We have a reservation for a double room. D: Let’s see. Yes, we have a suit for you on the third floor. Room three-two-one, for five nights. Mary: Great! Oh and my sister’s luggage was lost. Please tell us if it’s delivered to the hotel. D: Of course. I’ll need your passport, and please sign this guest card. Mary: Okay. Here you are. Oh and what is the checkout time?

D: Eleven A.M. and if you need any assistance. Please see our concierge or call the front desk. Here are your keys.

Getting hotel information conversation
D: Hello, What can I do for you?
Lisa: We just arrived at the hotel. Can you tell us what restaurants you have? D: The Hula-Hula Restaurant is open now, there is also a complimentary breakfast buffet each morning. Mary: Great! Can we have a wake-up call at eight tomorrow?

D: No problem. What’s your room number?
Lisa: Were in room three-two-one
D: Okay. Be sure to try our gym on the second floor. There is also a business lounge on the third floor, with computers, copiers and fax machines. Mary: How about a nice place to relax here?
D: The beach is just down the street and out in back, we have a Swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna. Mary: Great! Now we have an excuse to shop, to buy swimming suits!

Having problems with the room conversation
D: This is the front desk. How can i help you?
Lisa: We’re having some problems in room three-two-one. Can you send up right away? D: Certainly, what seems to be the problem?
Lisa: Well, my sister spilled some juice on the bed sheets… D: Oh dear! We’ll send a maid up with fresh linen as soon as possible. Lisa: Well, my sister tried to clean the sheets, but the water wouldn’t stop. Now there’s water everywhere…. D: Oh, no! We’ll send the janitor and the plumber, two!...
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