Friedman's Business Analysis

Topics: Leadership, Motivation, Management Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: February 20, 2011
1.When looking at the example of “Friedmans microwave and Kitchen Specialists”, I tend to see elements from all of the leadership styles listed in question one. The University of Iowa which promotes the Democratic Leadership style contains the most elements of Art Friedman’s new direction for his company. Allowing the workers to control their scheduling, pay, discipline nearly all issues concerning their employment is the essence of a Democratic Leadership style. Now the University of Michigan and Ohio State leadership theories are essentially the same idea with a different application procedure. Art Friedman’s new leadership style is without question an employee centered leadership style, present in both Michigan and Ohio States theories. However where I am conflicted by the competing theories in regards to Friedman’s Microwave is if the Michigan/Ohio State business style allow for a democratically controlled employee scheduling, pay, merit etc. 2.Without question Content Motivation theories are at play in our case study concerning Art Friedman’s employees. Unfortunately I feel we are not given enough information to fully answer the question as it is proposed. We are not told why Friedman’s employees production was lackluster. Was the previous management style highly autocratic? Were lower level employees concerns and suggestions routinely ignored? Perhaps so. I will use the assumption that Friedman’s employees were not empowered under the previous management scenario. If we are to believe that happy employees are productive employees than the empowerment of individuals by Friedman’s new management style obviously had the desired result. We also are not given enough information regarding the two factor theory. Have Friedman’s employees designed a system in which higher level needs are addressed? Are promotions and rewards distributed on merit or cronyism? Friedman states “It did work, it still works, and it will always work”. I cannot disagree...
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