Freshman Culture Shock

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Freshman College Culture Shock at Twenty Nine
Culture Shock – “A sense of confusion and uncertainty, sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation.” Though many college freshman experience culture shock, those feelings are not limited to the students entering higher education directly from high school. At 18 the experience of going to college can be intimidating for a number of reasons. In an article titled “College Transition, College Culture Shock” by Gina Herrmann, a writer for an online resource for higher education called “The College Bound Network”. Herrmann explains why it can be so challenging at this age. A young adult entering a strange place and on their own for the first time has a lot to deal with. Added to it is the strain of academic and social expectations. It's no wonder this proves to be too much for some to cope with. While many of those stresses are relevant to my life, like the desire to be accepted by my peers and the need to excel academically; I can also see many differences, each of them having there own additional challenges. For the most part, I am able to categorize these challenges and each of these categories carried with it, for me, a tremendous amount of pressure to get things right. “After all” I told myself “this isn't high school anymore.” To me this meant it was my choice to be here and my responsibility to succeed. This meant understanding and dealing with each problem as it surfaced. I have lumped them into these three categories: academic goals, social acceptance, and the logistics of getting it all done. Brown 2

The Logistics: Once it became time to finally start making it all happen, I encountered several more obstacles. First I had to find out how to get started. I had never applied for college before and my fiancee's busy trying to get his own business started. In addition I had no frame of reference from my parents since they...
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