Freedom Riders

Topics: Freedom Rides, The Washington Post Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Freedom Riders

Freedom Riders were a group of northern and southern civil rights activists ( of all ethnicities) who wanted to end racial segregation on interstate transportation, such as buses. They traveled in buses, together, throughout the South where they met bumpy roads, discrimination and violence - at times, their buses were torched, they were attacked with clubs and generally harassed, but that did not, could not and would not stop the freedom riders from fighting for equality. Important events in the Civil Rights Movement that occurred between 1942 and 1961, like an article that was written in the Washington Post (may 16 1961 ), and the James Zwerg incident and another things that happened were things like sits in (or lunch ins) boycotts against public transportation and , several peaceful protests.

The freedom riders were peaceful protestors, Most of the events that occurred where in the south where there was still a lot of discrimination, inequality and segregation. So when the freedom riders were created people thought they were instigators because the freedom riders were trying to change the way the people in the south were living. A lot of events occurred during the time frame 1942 to 1961, and most of them showed how they were peaceful protestors The Freedom riders were not instigators of peace , they were just people fighting for what believe was right the freedom Riders were taking a stand, and were sought out as instigators of violence because they were changing the way people used to live. An editorial article in washington post on May 16 talks about how Alabama calls itself the “heart of dixie” which is a saying for places that so kindness and hospitality, the writer for this article is saying how can Alabama have the title of “heart of Dixie” when it is not fulfilling the name it has been given. The writer goes on to say that “The freedom riders engaged in no disorderly conduct and did nothing to provoke violence-save...
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