Free Medical Good or Bad

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Universal health care Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Free Medicine,
Good or Bad for America?
Nicole M. Wilson
MIBC Associates Degree
Everest University

Free Medicine,
Good or Bad for America?
As everyone knows Canada has free medical for all who live there. Some say it’s a blessing some say it’s a curse. A lot of Americans’ wonder if we should take this route and turn to free medicine. But with everything there are advantages, disadvantages, and also convenience and inconvenience. Just looking at Canada’s situation and looking at the evidence we as Americans can easily decide if this is a choice we should make. There are many advantages to free medicine and the biggest perk is not having to pay medical bills. We Americans know that after a while those medical bills can pile up, so not having that worry is a great advantage. Canada has many province that doctors have to go through to get paid (Austen, 2009). If we can simplify the number of province they use and how they use them it could be very beneficial to America. This would make it just easier for doctors to get paid. So there would be more and not have a shortage like Canada does in some areas (Susan, 2009). Along with advantages are also disadvantages. Just looking at Canada and reading reviews and articles of other patients from there it seems that for one it is hard for patients to get in to see a doctor without an appointment, some people have to wait hours just to get seen (Bash, 2009). A women from Canada had to come to America just to see a doctor because no doctor in Canada would see here, and when she had to have surgery she had to return to America to have it costing her thousands of dollars in medical bills (Bash, 2009). People could die just because they can’t get into see a doctor if America turns to free medicine, where will the patients go if they can’t get in to see a doctor not Canada they have to come here. If free medicine came to America not only will it be convenient but also inconvenient. It would be very convenient for all...
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