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Topics: Macbeth, Banquo, William Shakespeare Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Jesus Rojas
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Ms. Lawson

Herodotus once said “men are at the mercy of events and cannot control them.” In saying this Herodotus meant that men cannot control any situation, but that it is fate that determines what is to occur. Macbeth from Macbeth by William Shakespeare and Katniss The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins prove this statement true. Macbeth from the play Macbeth proves this true. One day he finds three witches that tell him toward the end of their dialogue “That this great king may kindly say…” this is showing how he will become king. Macbeth is forced to kill the current king, king Duncan, in order to take the throne. This causes to have visions and hear Banquos ghost later on as king, he tried to kill Banquo and the stop him from having children to take over the kingdom. Macbeth went from having wealth power and appreciation to losing it all and even becoming mad. These are effects on him listening to the witches instead of listening to Banquo telling the prophecy might be evil, Macbeth tried to do everything in his power to stop the prophecy but couldn’t. Katniss from The Hunger Games also proves this true. Her sister is initially chosen to be in the hunger games but Katniss takes her place because she feels her sister , prim, is to young. Once she is within the arena she has to find anyway to live. She is forced to go with the game and has no control of what happens to her. She is forced to go with the game that Peeta and her advisor Haymitch have. She at first is furious that they both were going along with this. She had no feelings that showed love towards him, but Peeta did towards to Katniss. She had to do this to try to survive the arena. She eventually starts to have feelings towards him as they spend more time together. And starts to show this as time passes she did not know any of this was going to happened until the games. And she did not get the clues peeta gave to her like burning the loaves of bread to give...
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