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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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In a short paragraph, summarize the Levels of Explanation Approach. John Pokinghorne said "I can perceive another person as an aggregation of atoms, an open biochemical system in interaction with the environment, a specimen of homo sapiens, an object of beauty, someone who needs deserve my respect and compassion, a brother for whom Christ died. Myers believes Christians must appreciate the essential role of science in nuturing curiosity and humility. This will put a wrongheaded notion about existence to an empirical test. The levels-of-explanation view believes humans are best understood in terms of hierarchy of levels or disciplines of relative complexity that should not be confused. One's faith should not affect the other levels or disciplines. The levels of explanation view looks at the biological, cognitive, and behavioral components. This levels of explanation view also examines cultural, biological, and interpersonal views. List three strengths that you see with this approach. Romantic love, can be viewed from different fields (psychology, sociology, theology), but still can cause connections to be made. To say religion and science complement each other is saying using different types of analysis can bring these together. Recognizing the complementary relationships of various levels liberates us from useless argument over which one views human nature subjectively or scientifically. This approach takes science and research very seriously. It also allows all scientists to contribute to their discipline, regardless of worldview differences. This view avoids problems with misinterpreting the Bible. Last of all the levels of explanation view has shaped contemporary psychology in areas like religion, forgiveness, and values in therapy.

How does this view respond when psychological science challenges faith? unity of truth
cultural mandate
multiple perspective and co-operative learning (van leeuwen) Science is not based on faith that physical laws will apply forever ,or in different places in the inverse. Page 67. As ecological findings drove biblical scholars to reread the biblical mandates concerning our environmental stewardship, so recent psychological findings have stimulated new questions among people of faith. One example shows new information about sexual orientation. These findings have prompted some of us to rethink our presumptions about both prayer and sexual orientation- and to look more closely about what the Bible does and does not say. People wonder if other's beliefs are contaminated when they pray. Others think people need to approach the issue empirically. Unfortunately, some approaches make prayer seem like magic and 92% of people pray or believe in God. Research shows that prayers of humans do not manipulate our God. We perceive our behavior as correlated with specific events. We might misunderstand prayer if our view of order and interpret outcomes incorrectly. In a short paragraph, summarize an integration response to this view. Goal is the integration of psychology and theology. Goal is the proper interpretation of modern psychology according to a Christian worldview. Goal is to live Christianly in one's personal and professional life. "All truth is God's truth. God is glorified when Christians make use of his truth. The way tho slogan is used seems to imply that all secular psychology is true. When there is strong integration. Christian thought makes a real impact. When there is weak integration, Christianity makes no substantial impact. The strengths of this view say science and research should be taken seriously. The view allows Christian faith to reinterpret psychology. It also allows us to recognize the role of God's "creation grace" in culture and science. Last of all, it seeks to engage the culture and impact contemporary psychology. The weaknesses is it assumes a dualistic separation between biblical research and research on human beings. It also assumes modern psychology is real....
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