Fraud Triangle

Topics: Risk management, Fraud, Credit card Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: June 17, 2012
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Jan. 24, 2011

When evaluating this case using the three elements of the fraud triangle I have concluded that the potential pressures for Chris to commit fraud are greater than for others. The pressure is from Chris himself because he wants what others have or what he doesn’t have. This is due to the fact that Chris is young and impressionable may feel as though he doesn’t make enough money to obtain the material possession he desires or see others with. He may also be of the mindset that “he wants it now” it being the latest technology. This younger generation seems to feel entitlement instead of working and earn it. This may be due to their upbringing. Although my generation had things we worked for them and with our parents/families help we were able to obtain those things we wanted. We live in a technology savvy society so if you don’t have the last gadget then you may be looked upon as not having the means to acquire these things or not technologically savvy enough to want or have these items. Having the latest gadgets is a societal status symbol, the more you have…. the more you have meaning money. Chris may have friends that have the latest and greatest technology and he maybe envious of them and desire to acquire those things as well but not on his salary in his mind. So he must find a way to get either more money or a way to acquire the latest and the greatest in technology. The potential opportunities for Chris to commit fraud are great. He has access to a fake credit card which is used for testing purposes but it appears from his actions Chris is doing more than testing the card, he has found a way to make it possible to use the card. I’m not sure if there is any collusion going on but from the information given it is clear that Chris is committing fraud. His actions says so and he hasn’t mention any family member being deceased and him receiving an inheritance or hitting the lottery , so how else would he be able to...
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