Topics: Sociology, Theft, Credit card fraud Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Ericka Barthelemy
Professor Efua Akoma
February 15, 2013

Crimes In Our Society

Homicide| Homicide is sometimes caused by hypoesthesia, which is the partial loss of senility to sensory stimuli or having diminished sensation. It is caused by the damage or impingement of any part of nerve that gives sensation.| The sociological theory in a person that commits homicide is labeled as choice theory.| Robbery| When people are in need of money, they will go to any measure. Unemployed can lead to robbery.| The sociological theory that best fits an individual that robs another is social conflict theory.| Forgery| Someone that needs something in a timely manner and they don’t want to take time and or spend the effort on doing it themselves.| The sociological theory of a person that commits a crime of forgery is social theory.| Credit Card Fraud| The purpose of credit card fraud is to obtain goods without paying out of pocket. Root cause is poverty.| The sociological theory for credit card fraud is social theory.|

There are many crimes committed in America today. These many crimes consist of homicide, robbery, forgery, and credit card fraud in which I have listed above. I believe that when someone commits a crime, they are looking for something that they want or need. In a homicide a person usually commits the crime because to eliminate that person from being able to testify against that person. There is something or someone that the victim has that they want. A person who robs someone usually is in need of money and or possessions to get money to survive or support their habit, such as drugs and alcohol. There are many economic crimes that also occur here in society. Forgery and credit card fraud are often committed by an individual that lacks wealth and money. There are often cases where a person needs something and is unable to retrieve it with their own identity. Credit card fraud is done mostly by the greed in wanting of...
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