Frankenstein Importance of Parenting

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Importance of Parenting
As a parent there are certain responsibilities that you must be accountable for in your child’s life. For example you must love and show your child how to love. Also it is your responsibility to raise and nurture the child; while showing them what is right and wrong. But most importantly you must integrate them into society so that they will not be an “outcast” in a sense. In Frankenstein, Doctor Frankenstein does not give the creature a chance in any way. All the responsibilities of a parent are forgotten and the creature is completely abandoned. This is why if Doctor Frankenstein had given the creature the correct parenting he could have avoided all of the death and changed his life, for not only him, but the creature as well.

Going into the experiment he knew he was going to have the responsibilities of a parent, but as soon as he realized what he had done was wrong, he didn’t know what to do or thing so he just ran from his problems. This is not effective and running for something always ends badly. In Victors case it ended in the death of several loved ones.

But simple steps should have been taken. The fist thing that Victor should have done was act like a parent and nurtured the creature. Teaching him how to walk and talk like parents do. If he had done that the creature could have fit in easier and understood things rather than just get mad and not know how to tell people how he feels and just display it with his feelings.

The next step that should have been taken was to show him the difference between right and wrong. This by far would have been the most important step. But this clearly was skipped otherwise the creature would not have killed anyone knowing it was wrong. As a parent you must discipline your child for doing something wrong or against the rules, while commending them for a good action. Or rewarding them for doing something they where instructed too. These parenting skills would have taught the creature the...
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