Disciplining Children

Topics: Corporal punishment, Spanking, School corporal punishment Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Disciplining Children
When I was younger we used to get disciplined with corporal punishment. Not saying that this is always the answer but it is what is needed sometimes. If more parents were allowed to use corporal punishment as means of discipline it would let the children know who is in charge. Sometimes it seems the law gives most of the authority to the children. When children do something wrong there needs to be a punishment fitting to the actions. If a child writes on the wall you should talk to them and tell them that it is not ok to write on the walls and why. When you catch them a second time and they acknowledge what they did was wrong you explain to them why it is not ok to write on the walls, and let them know that they will really be in trouble if they do it again. Now if you catch them writing on the walls again at this point there needs to be something that shows them you are serious… in comes corporal punishment.

Depending on the age of the child and what was done decides the severity of the corporal punishment. Sometimes this could be as simple as a tap to the hand of a three year old for using foul language, up to taking a belt to the behind of a thirteen year old for taking a knife to school. I’m not saying that corporal punishment is the first means or the only means of discipline. Explaining what was done is wrong should always be the first course of action. When the same problem constantly arises that’s when it is necessary. But after you do use corporal punishment you must talk to the child and explain that you don’t like having to spank them, but you have to show them there will be serious consequences for their actions in life. If you only talk to children it could lead them to believe this will be the highest level on discipline. As children get older they base the level of punishment on what was given to them by their parents. If you constantly let your children get away with things and only talk at the problem they will think...
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