Frankenstein and the Possibility of Cloning

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Back when the story of “Frankenstein” was written by Mary Shelley, the thought of either cloning or creating a living organism from non living parts was simply a thought at most. It was an idea that nobody believed could ever come true, but today it is happening. The scientific and technological advancements in society today have led to a promising change in the cloning and creation of organisms. There are two articles that specifically discuss the possibility of creating a real Frankenstein which will be addressed in the following paragraphs. The article “Human Cloning Within 50 Years” discusses the predictions of scientists having the ability to clone humans within the next 50 years. Scientist Sir John Gurdon of great Britain says that people who have lost a baby to either a disease or other problems will be able to create another baby with the same DNA as the one that they lost. Sir John Gurdon is the same scientist who cloned dolly the sheep in 1996 with successful results. Gurdon predicts that there will be major controversy over the action of cloning but after it has been done and proven to work he says people will accept it as they do with in-vitro fertilization. Gurdon states that In-vitro fertilization was regarded with extreme suspicion before it actually produced successful results in 1978 and now it is widely accepted, which he believes will happen with cloning in the future. Creating Humans in such a way could change the world as we know it, not quite like how Shelly envisioned it in the frankenstein story but it will still make a difference. Cloning could also pose some major problems for society due to the fact that it could result in deformations and complications in the growth of the child. Although Frankenstein's story is a little far fetched in a way that body parts were simply sewn together and a man was created, there are a lot of similarities as the modern day theory of cloning humans.
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