Frankenstein and the Human Mind

Topics: Thought, Mind, Psychology Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: November 19, 2012
The human mind is something scientists have been trying to comprehend forever. Science can not alter how the mind communicates with one’s body, or even how it works. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein uses the creation of a fake being to emphasize the fact that the human mind cannot be altered or replicated effectively. Dr. Frankenstein thought he would be able to create and control the mind of a creature. He had tried many times, but to no avail. After talking with a professor, he finally figured out a way that he would be able to complete what he had been trying to for years. But does Frankenstein pass that natural boundary placed before us by our peers? To create life, a being with its own mind, had never been done before. What are the consequences of his actions and was it truly worth it to go beyond those limits?

Mary Shelley says no, it was not worth it. Frankenstein thought he would be able to control this creature, control his emotions and how he would act on them. He would quickly find out that that was not the case. Immediately after creating this unnatural being, Frankenstein had to act as a somewhat fatherly figure to teach the “monster” how to walk and stand on his own. I don’t think it was what he intended, but by doing this the creature naturally looked at Frankenstein as being his sole “creator,” or “father” if you will. There was nothing he could say or do, and certainly nothing science could do, to change the thinking of the creature. He, by creating life, had attached himself to this being from the very beginning.

When the creature is out in the streets for the first time, the whole town is completely against him, trying to bring him down, throwing stuff at him, etc. There is nothing science can do to take the anger and sadness out from the creature. It is only natural to the mind that you will feel such emotions if a whole town is against you. That is just how the mind works. It reacts to certain situations in a certain way, beyond sciences...
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